Three Common Mistakes People Make When Ordering Food

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Most of us love ordering food delivery. The thought of having restaurant-quality food delivered to your doorstep by the touch of a button or simple use of an app on your phone is very appealing. The endless choice of cuisines is the perfect excuse to try new foods to add to the thrill. You don’t have to stand over a hot stove for hours and little washing up.

Yet you may be fooled into thinking that online ordering is foolproof. You couldn’t be more wrong. There are several common mistakes people make when ordering food. 

So to help you avoid common mistakes when ordering food, Camillo’s Italian Restaurant, Pizzeria & Bar has put together a list to make ordering food an easy process.

1. Not knowing the difference between Marinara and Tomato sauce when ordering red sauce. 
When ordering red sauce, know that there is a difference between marinara which is chunkier, garlic and more spices and can taste spicy to some, versus house tomato sauce which is nice and smooth with a bit of sweetness. Often customers think that red sauce is automatically marinara and then wonder why ours is spicy.

2. Not specifying the exact time for food pick up or delivery 
When ordering for a desired pick-up or delivery time, it is imperative to specify the exact time of the pick-up or delivery expected. You can do this while ordering or over the phone with the restaurant staff. It is advisable to do this because anticipated wait times are longer due to the Covid situation. Restaurants that make everything to order can take longer to deliver and one should expect 35 minutes for pick up and approximately an hour to an hour and 20 minutes for delivery, in most cases. 

3. Getting carried away with the restaurant’s claims of ‘large pizza’ and not verifying the size.
An authentic large pizza is 16 inches in size, unlike what some franchises advertise as their large pizza, which is 14 inches in size. Don’t be fooled into thinking that every pizza that is advertised as large, will be 16 inches in size. It’s best to ask the restaurant staff when ordering before confirming the order.   

Avoid these and other mistakes when ordering food from Camillo’s Italian Restaurant, Pizzeria & Bar - Italian Restaurant in Kutztown, PA. Camillo’s is a family-owned and operated Italian Restaurant. You’ll immediately taste the difference between Camillo’s and “ordinary” run-of-the-mill Italian restaurants. We use fresh garlic cloves, 100% extra virgin olive oil & sun-ripened tomatoes imported from Italy. That’s the difference between “premium” ingredients and “cheap” ingredients.

Even though our ingredients are the best money can buy, our prices will surprise you. We have over 25 toppings, one of the largest selections, along with eight different sauces loaded with flavor and FREE piping hot delivery to your door. The taste you want at family-friendly prices. When you want a great homemade meal, call Camillo’s.

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